MMO Marvel Trailer

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  1. fantasyfreak

    So far they are making money off of it, by letting certain people who buy a so called founders pack, to play the game before the official release date. I think they have some other custom features that will cost money if you really want it, but you won´t need to pay to play through certain parts of the game, that is the premise. For more details and a better explanation(I make a terrible mess out of it, and make it sound much more complicated than it is) look up their facebook page. I just realized something you guys. Remember that game the teenagers played at the very beginning of the very first Runaway story arc? THIS is that game! :D I remember back when I read that thinking: that would be a pretty neat game, and now they are making it happen :)

  2. FSUSpiderfan

    Looks awesome! How does it work that it is free? Are we talking about not even having to buy the game or a subscription? How are they going to make money on it?

  3. fantasyfreak

    I´ve been waiting for this game for soo long, and now that they finally gave a release date I am so excited to play it :D Anyone knows who makes the voice for Spidey?

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