Podcast #224- Superior Spider-Man Reviews of # 6, 6AU and 7

Podcast224April2013picThe gang tackles three reviews in this episode. *Reviews of Superior Spider-Man #6
*Review of Superior Spider-Man #6AU
*Review of Superior Spider-Man # 7
*Listing of pros and cons and grades


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(5) Comments

  1. BD - Post author

    @Mike, You've been warned several times to play nice and this was the final straw where you insult JR. You're now banned.

  2. Mike

    JR is nakedly preaching fascism here. The beatdown of jester and screwball is the extreme negative of "with great power comes great responsibility". This something i learned from spider-man as a freakin child. You lead by example. You're better than the criminals. You don't live in fear.You don't get Spider-man, JR.

  3. Mike

    @1 wow anybody remember that comment? People talk about commiting homicide like it's nothing when talkin about their gun "rights"

  4. Jack Brooks

    After listening to JR, I am convinced that Marvel bad-guys absolutely must stay in uber-liberal New York, or uber-liberal District of Columbia, and the MU super-villains must keep Texans contained in Texas. Half the MU super-villains would be dead, if they ever set foot in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio (not Austin, though). Dead from multiple gunshot wounds and shotgun blasts. What good would mechanical tentacles be, if every woman in the mall has pulled Derringers out of their bangly purses and all opened fire at Doc Ock the same time? What good would a goblin-glider be, when a group of experienced dove hunters open fire as you fly by? Yes, New York City makes the MU super-villain population possible. I think Texans would even figure out /some/ way to bump off Thanos and mount his stuffed body in one of their BBQ restaurants, for tourists to take pictures standing next-to.

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