Spider-Man 4 Storyboard Pictures

Artist Jefrey Henderson has released a couple pictures from the abandonded Spider-Man 4 sequel that never happened. He also released a proposal for a new Spider-suit for the re-boot. He doesn’t say much about the storyline, but we’ve heard rumors over the years about Anne Hathaway as either the Black Cat or the Vulturette. John Malkovich¬† was also rumored to be the Vulture. Would you have liked to see the movie? The Venom picture is what he designed for Spider-Man 3.

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  1. Javi Trujillo

    Those are some pretty cool ideas for the suit, but I'm not sure how well you can pull off the wear and tear effect in a two hour movie. If it was a weekly show, I'd love to see the color fade and patches grow over time.

  2. Spec Spider Fan

    Malkovich as Adrian Toombs..hell yes...Raimi has proven his worth...would have been good to see.....

  3. Cyclops Eye

    Who would want to see the Vulture in a movie? He's just an OAP with mechanical wings?

  4. WKB

    I would have been interested to see this movie, especially after seeing Anne Hathaway's performance in Dark Knight Rising. The Vulture would been awesome.

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