What do we have here? Jamie Foxx as Electro pics

Jamie3 Actor Jamie Foxx has been spotted in his Electro makeup on the set of ASM 2. Entertainment Wise.com has more photos and some video of the actor on the set. What do you think?

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  1. DadaHyena

    It's different, for sure, but that's no big deal. What I'm sort of dreading is that people are going to starting ragging on the old Ditko design, making fun of it and hyping this new look as an 'improvement'.

  2. George Berryman

    Well thank God the Electric Smurf at least has believable clothing! Especially while going up against someone dressed in red and blue PJ's who swings on webs and can pick up and throw a city bus. Cause, you know, 'realistic' is important in superhero flicks.

  3. Erik Lexie

    @12: It's funny you used that link, because the word "realistic" is used in it only twice, and both times are used specifically in reference to the word "attire."They want Electro have more realistic "attire." I don't think anyone here could argue that a hoodie isn't more realistic than Electro's outfit from the comics.The article doesn't say anything about wanting his skin tone to be realistic, so I don't think that really applies to the argument about the blue.

  4. Max A. Frankow

    Guys, this obviously an early scene in the movie. Really looking forward to seeing his main costume.

  5. karpinskijd

    I think Jamie Foxx said the costume was more liquid rubber and has bolts and stuff, like mechanics. Leads me to believe Electro gets his powers mechanically, his skin's blue due to the constant flow of electricity. Maybe man and machine become one? I just want to see Spidey whoop some ass, that's all.

  6. Ed K.

    I'm really hoping that hoodie is not a part of the actual costume, but a "I just got my freaky powers and I threw this on to 'disguise' myself to get back home" kind of thing. Otherwise...blech. Not really digging it.

  7. WKB

    http://sciencefiction.com/2013/04/16/first-look-at-jamie-foxx-as-electro-in-the-amazing-spider-man-2/They want a realistic look for the characters. A blue skin humanoid isn't what I call realistic. After what they did to Lizard in the first one, I would preferred if they would stay away from CGI when it comes to villains. As for going with the Ultimate version, the majority of the "public" isn't aware of the Electro in that comic. I think more people are expecting a more classic version of the villain in appearance. That means the character looks human and not blue skin Avatar. To put it simply, they could had scars on him from when he got electrocuted which would be realistic and still kept his normal human skin tone. They don't need to have the green and yellow costume, but they didn't need to go so far away from what people are expecting which is what happen with the Lizard.

  8. matisleonhart

    Ultimate Electro was indeed Blueish White and I think we can all agree that this Spider-Man movie franchise has taken alot more from the ultimate universe then the last one. I don't mind the hoodie cause I think we all know they would have him be naked like he is in the Ultimate Universe

  9. WKB

    @7 That's not it at all. The people behind this film want a "realistic" Spider-man movie. Now...tell me...does that picture say realistic to you? Of course, the people saying "we want realistic" are making a movie about a guy that is bitten buy a spider and then can stick to walls. Yeah....they have no clue.

  10. Erik Lexie

    It's a hoodie, not a robe. He has the hood up to make him look menacing because he's a bad guy. He's blue to indicate he's charged up with blue electricity...ness.Oh well, I guess there's no point trying to stem the "this doesn't look like Electro in the comics, therefore the movie will suck" tide.

  11. Jay

    Guys you have to take into account that the first movie established the notion of cross-species genetics. Who is to say that Dillon isn't the result of another Oscorp experiment? He could have derived his powers from genetically modified electric eels, which could account for the change in skin color. Look at it this way; this is more plausible than climbing up an electrical pole and getting jolted by a lightning bolt. Not to mention there was no way in hell they could've adapted the classic Ditko suit either. This works. Go with it.

  12. J.garrett86

    The LEDs are a nice touch, it'll make the cgi look more convincing with realistic lighting.

  13. GeorgeEl

    I'll have to see more to be sure, but I am so far digging the Mr. Freeze/Dr. Manhattan mixture look!

  14. George Berryman

    Arnold's Mr. Freeze & Dr. Manhattan had a kid. A kid who cosplays as Emperor Palpatine.

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