Spider-Art #100!

It’s that time again! To celebrate the 100th Spidey-Art entry, I’m gifting onto you voracious viewers glorious pieces from John Romita Sr.!


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  1. V

    Romita. Now and forever, the BEST artist Spidey has ever seen!@Aziz: Kirsten Dunst was a mighty fine MJ in the first film. It was in the sequels where she became significantly thinner and always had a dull demeanor which turned people off.

  2. Spec Spider Fan

    Romita is king...his mark on comics indelible, his talent inimitable....love his work.

  3. Aziz

    Awesome collection Who's that on the cover of DD 96? I don't remember that cover Marvel Age cover is great Didn't know JR drew Wonder Woman His MJ with a different hair style kinda looks like Kirsten Dunst, and people say that women looks nothing like MJ

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