Spider-Art #103

tumblr_mlq4tb87Mz1ro3tl9o1_500 Here’s a piece by Ted Brandt, friend of our friend Kevin and cover artist for Kevin’s Crawlspace comic!

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  1. Aziz

    First thing I remembered looking at this is the pose Spidey did to that kid who tried to imitate him in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #61 Spidey saved the kid from falling and told him he need to at least be able to strike that pose before trying to be a superhero

  2. Kevin Cushing

    A) That's Otto.B) If you've ever seen Cirque du Soleil, that is not an impossible contortion.I love this image. Ted does a warm-up or cool-down sketch every day along with whatever he has to draw for that day, and this was a cool-down sketch he did last week. I think it looks amazing, in the figure, the anatomy, the color, everything. Really great piece.

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