Death of Gwen in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Some new pictures just showed up online hinting at a possible plot point of the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. Could this one include the death of Gwen?

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  1. Nick

    Maybe Norman kills her at the end setting up for the third but know body knows its him

  2. Phantom Roxas

    Hang on, let me get my popcorn and watch as people complain about it being Electro who kills Gwen and not Norman.

  3. Akinyele

    My guess is that she either won't die until the third film and the clothing is trickery or she will die in this one and return as some sort of clone for the third.

  4. herbiepopnecker

    I'm not convinced the movie wardrobe would follow the comics' wardrobe...

  5. Nose Norton

    I've never been one to be turned on by comic book art, but a girl with a mini skirt, trench coat, and knee-high boots will always catch my eye.

  6. Nick

    Ok I think she dies at the end of this movie but they dont reveal who kills her and then Peter meets Mj and then asm 3 tells us either norman, peter or someone else kills her. I say this because Mj has only brief part in this movie and they usually shoot movies from end to beggining.

  7. Spoil machine

    Another one bites the dust. Yep. She might have signed for a 3rd film...she´ll do flashbacks a la Uncle Ben

  8. sthenurus

    Didn't emma stone sign for 3 movies? If so it would be strange to have her killed off 3/4 of the way into her contract.

  9. tickbite

    I'm just going to say it: If I were making THIS movie ... I would change the comic book ending and have somebody else kill Gwen, Electro maybe. But Peter already knows that Norman is pulling the strings, setting up a phenomenal Spidey vs. Green Goblin Third Act.

  10. Extreme Spider

    This could be a seen foreshadowing her death. Like them visions Kaine had during the Clone Saga about MJ's death.

  11. adam martin

    "Nooooooooooooo!" - Vader "That's crazy town bananna pants!" and "It's all my fault!" - Bitch ghost peter

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