Spider-Art #105


A classic piece by Charles Vess.

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  1. George Berryman

    I could've sworn that had been inserted into something way before '92 but then I my memory may be throwing me off because of Web #1 cover Vess did and all the Marvel Fanfare pin-ups he was doing. But yeah when you look at the issue it's even dated '92! I'm gettin' old! :(

  2. Daddypool

    The poster is an insert in Spectacular Spiderman #189 from November 1992. The issue was a 30th anniversary special celebrating the first appearance of Spiderman. All of the spiderman books had one special issue in 1992 with posters. ASM 365 had a poster of Spidey vs Carnage and Venom by Bagley. Spiderman 26 had a poster of Spidey, Captain America, and the Silver Surfer by Ron Lim, and Web of Spiderman 90 had a poster of Spidey and Spiderman 2099 by Leonardi and Williamson.

  3. George Berryman

    Wasn't this printed in one of the early Web of Spider-Man issues or Marvel Fanfare? I remember seeing this in junior high and losing my damn mind over how awesome it was.

  4. BD

    I remember this print at a convention in the 1980s. It was really expensive, but I regret not buying it. It's gorgeous.

  5. Sam

    Yeah, this is still one of my favorite pictures of this great era in Spidey comics. I love this poster as well. I should get it framed one day.Keep On Thwipin'!!! Sam

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