Podcast 227-Electro is Blue, Spider-Thief on the Loose, Spider-Police

Podcast227May2013picTopics discussed in this episode include:

* Discussion of the pics of Jamie Foxx looking blue as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. 
*A Spider-thief on Hollywood Blvd. steals several thousand dollars and police are arresting guys dressed as Spidey. 
*Parents remember a young boys love of Spider-Man at his funeral.
*A UK police department is using Spider-Man to boost it’s Twitter followers.
*We read several new itunes reviews of the show. 


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(3) Comments

  1. Lockdown

    Oh JR. you never stop making me laugh. Same with what Nate said, Electro is blue in Ultimate and they used the blue/white costume during Mackie/Byrne's run on Amazing and Year One.

  2. Extreme Spider

    I was wondering when BD was gonna use that song.Damn, that one line JR regarding mouths being full made me piss my pants of laughter. Bravo good sir, bravo

  3. nate

    electro is blue in the ultimate comics. in asm he was blue for a while in the late 90s during the Mackie/Byrne run (which is probably where the ultimate version of him got inspiration for his look there)

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