Did Marvel.com Just say Ben Reilly is returning?!

SS 20Today, an interview with Chris Yost, the Writer of Superior Spider-Man Team-Up and Scarlet Spider was put out. (It appears that the two titles will be crossing over. YAY) However….


Marvel.com: Looking even further down the line, the solicitation for SCARLET SPIDER #21 promises that “everything has changed for Kaine” following the events of Sibling Rivalry, and that he’s about to cross paths with none other than Ben Reilly. What more can you say about what the end of this story means for SCARLET SPIDER going forward?

-Zach, who is too excited to think right now.

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  1. JayShizzle

    Kaines going to die again, or just "Other out" and in the weird moment between life and death Bens gonna give him a pep talk, warn him that being more of a spider is a bad thing and that theres hope for Kaine to turn into a good man. And hopefully he's going to get Kaine on a serious buzz for saving Peter and sending Ock to whatever corner of Hell he deserves to be in.

  2. braun

    one of the great things that came out of grimm hunt is that kaine died and didn't disintegrate meaning if ben was a perfect clone he wouldn't have. it's a great back door to bring him back. What if norman has had him the entire time and the ben he showed peter was a clone of a clone? I'm sure yost and slott have this on their minds and it's possibly why they put it in the story. just a thought

  3. BundyReilly

    I knew it. Reilly is the only way to eventually "undo" what's happening in Superior and return to the friendly neighborhood status quo. I can see it already final showdown: Ben vs. Superior Peter.#Seedplanted

  4. Cosmic grub

    It's superior spiderman in new costume look it up think the costume will be in superior 17

  5. NorthernRedStar

    Can't. Wait. For. The end of the year. Damn you Marvel, you really making money with the Spiders, ain't ya?

  6. Kyree

    That costume really doesn't work with Miles Morales running around. it just looks like a lazy recolor

  7. Spider-Ray

    I get my hopes up every time. I thought Spider-Island would bring Ben back. Then I had a crazy theory to support Superior being Ben. (Pete cloned himself in case he was killed.) When I saw the cover to Superior #14 I wanted it to be Ben. Unfortunately I can't give up because as long as nerds like me keep obsessing, the likelihood that they'll bring him back increases. It's a Möbius strip of fan-hope.

  8. JMH

    As much as I want Ben back, I don't believe Marvel. I won't believe it until I see it on printed paper... err... digital paper... oh, never mind, same difference.

  9. krankyboy

    As great as it would be to have Peter, Kaine, and Ben (the "Parker Brothers") fighting crime in respective cities and occasionally teaming, up, I've got a feeling this is a fake out. Remember that Marvel now lives (and is constantly rewarded) for making their readers "mad."

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