Age of Ultron #8 Review

Brian Michael Bendis
Brandon Peterson
Paul Mounts


Wolverine has killed Hank Pym and he and Sue Storm have returned to an alternate timeline present. The Avengers are no more and a mash up version of the heroes we know are now calling themselves The Defenders and the world is now ruled by a tyrannical Tony Stark.

Captives of Tony Stark, Logan and Sue are interrogated to learn the truth. The Defenders are told to butt out, but The Thing ain’t havin’ it. After seeing Sue (his timeline’s version left the Earth long ago), he’s determined to see her face to face. Rampaging through the Stark helicarrier alongside fellow Defenders, an onboard uprising starts that leaves the helicarrier open for outside attack. Old Avengers villain Morgana Le Fey and her Doom army attack, starting an all out war. The Defenders respond, but are out manned and out powered and the Stark helicarriers begin to fall.


Still fast paced, this issue explains what happened to the world and to The Avengers without Henry Pym and I’m still a sucker for alternate timeline stories. Brandon Peterson’s art is very lively and dynamic. In fact, I often supsected that Sue Storm might be Marvel’s sexiest female character, but who knew she was this nicely endowed? Take a look at her low hanging fruit on the front cover and you’ll see what I mean.

This issue feels like the lull before the storm, the Wolverine storm and not the Sue Storm. We know that there’s going to be a throw down between the two Wolvies and this was a stepping stone to get there. The book didn’t fall prey to Bendiscitis (an accute condition causing characters to be as still as possible except for their mouths), but Bendis definitely eased off the gas pedal here. Sure, war breaks out but it feels more like a story convenience and didn’t fully engage me. And Morgana Le Fey?! Am I the only person who’s going to Google her to find out who the heck she is?!!!

C+ I’m hoping the next issue jumps back on track of telling the individual stories of the characters affecting and effected by the timeline changes.

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  1. Jack Brooks

    Where is this series happening? Is it a What if?, an alternative universe, a pocket universe, or what?

  2. sthenurus

    I only know morgana lefey because she was in dark avengers. Apparently she is like a magical doc doom. But they definitaly could have gone with someone "bigger"

  3. Eddie

    Yeah, I'm pretty caught up in this too. I'm glad to hear that Bendis hasn't brought the action to a standstill. I'm hoping it will have a real payoff. BMB only bats about 500 on those. For Le Fey - look at the Busiek Avengers Vol. 3 first 2 or three issues. Or, you can check out the alternate version in the Magic Treehouse books... heh

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