Podcast 229- 1975 Spider-History, Spider-Satellites, Mrs. Muggins Bio

Podcast229May2013picHighlights of the show include:
*This Month in Spider-History with JR. We travel back to May 1975 and see the start of the Clone Saga that is still being talked about 38 years later.
*Spider-Satellites with Kevin. Kev reviews Scarlet Spider, Venom, Ultimate Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-Man and Morbius.
*Bertone’s Bios this month tackles Spider-Man’s 1980’s land lord Mrs. Muggins. 


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  1. Aziz

    Amazing Spider-Man 138 starts Peter's search for a new place to stay in, one of your bios characters Josh: Mindworm And Web 38 is his last stay

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