ASM #122 Movie Homage

tumblr_me0rrwl9Qj1r6b5b7o1_250 tumblr_me0rrwl9Qj1r6b5b7o2_250tumblr_me0rrwl9Qj1r6b5b7o3_250 tumblr_me0rrwl9Qj1r6b5b7o4_250tumblr_me0rrwl9Qj1r6b5b7o6_250 Major props to Mari Jane Watson for this recreation of the end to Amazing Spider-Man #122. Here’s hoping the new film series will include a similar scene.tumblr_me0rrwl9Qj1r6b5b7o5_250



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(3) Comments

  1. Guardian Devil

    OMG!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! If this dialogue is actually part of the movie I'd cry.. Seriously!!! Oh.. and i want "Face it tiger you just hit the jackpot"!!!!

  2. Extreme Spider

    I've never been more exited for the death of a character if it's done like this

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