Crawlspace Back Up And Fundraiser

The Amazing Spider-Man # 155 page 26 panel 2If you tried to visit the site on Wednesday I’m sure you noticed that it was down. The site was hit with some malware and viruses and my webhost took it down because it was draining their systems. I had to buy a yearly site protector and do some tech support which isn’t cheap.

So I thought how about I offset some of the costs of this upgrade by asking the visitors to help pay the bills. If you like the podcast, enjoy the message board, enjoy the news then please show your support. I’ve always had the tip button on the right hand side of the page, but rarely do people donate. I’d say once every few years.  So if you’d like to help pay the bills, please consider donating through paypal. I will personally thank you on the next podcast. 

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(15) Comments

  1. Nick

    Of course I'll help BD I don't know where i would find a better podcast i've been a huge fan since high school

  2. FSUSpiderfan

    Glad to help Brad. For all the entertainment you've given me I owe you a lot more. Wish I could spare more.

  3. Jgc21

    Brad, I enjoy the Spidey news very much. This is the place for up to the minute updates on everything Spider-Man. I don't go on the message board or listen to all the podcasts (although Spidey Satellites with Kev is my favorite segment) but I know how much time you pour into making this website great. Hopefully my donation helps.

  4. campbelldropout

    Will do Brad. Thanks for the site. I stopped reading after 700 but still listen to podcast.

  5. hornacek

    I stopped buying the comic after #700 so the least I can do is donate $3.99 a month (well the *least* I can do is absolutely nothing but I'll do better than that). I get as much enjoyment out of this site and the podcasts as I would from buying and reading the comic (probably more). I can't guarantee I'll give every month because, you know, life happens, but I'll do my best. And every little bit helps.

  6. hornacek

    Was this also affecting the podcasts at iTunes? Because I could not download any podcasts yesterday but now I can.

  7. AmFan15

    You got it, BD! My donation is on its way! Thanks for the great site, the best podcast around, and for all the hard work you do.

  8. fantasyfreak

    I´m extremely short on money at the moment, but as soon as I get money again, I will donate whatever I can! This is the best spidey fan site on the web and it deserves to be here. Btw, what issue is that panel from?`It looks famililar, and it´s funny as hell :D

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