Dan Slott gives behind the scenes on Superior Spider-Man #9

 Writer Dan Slott offers background information on the major ending of Superior Spider-Man #9 and the thought processes behind the title up to this point. Check it out!

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  1. Mike 13

    @7 - sales on this book has been excellent, and while we would all return to the 80's again... in this day and age, with the print medium going the way of the dodo, comic book companies have to do things differently to jazz up sales... and sometimes, making people mad has proven to drum up sales... lookit Superior Spider-Man #1...

  2. Flinx79

    I enjoyed that - Dan comes across as someone who LOVES what he's doing. I'm enjoying this run of stories, it's a lot of fun. Pete will be back - and then it'll be fun to see him try to undo Ock's actions as Parker and Spidey.

  3. jvl1031

    @16 In that case, writers are probably better off not saying anything at all and, as Duarte said, let their work do the talking. Sure, they should promote the material, and then, if someone asks, "When will Peter Parker come back?," they can say, "Wait and see." That, to me, is the happy medium, where the writer won't make people roll their eyes by implying that a major character is gone for good, while at the same time they can build the reader's interest in finding out what happens next.

  4. tops116

    Yeah, Peter's gonna stay dead... the same way Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Steve Rogers, adult Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and so many others stayed dead.The only mystery at this point is whether it's gonna be Slott that brings him back or a new writer.

  5. Duarte

    Am I the only one that´s sic of Marvel´s policy nowadays? Specially concerning SM?I´ve never seen someone as annoying as Slott!We get it this is the story you want to tell, just get on with it, stop trying to justify this or that... mas these interviwes are soooooo annoying!!I miss the days when writers would only interact with fans through letters and let their writting do the talking!

  6. 666andahalf

    @16 I have a different feeling about that. Just like with the unmasking, we all knew it was going to get undone, but I was interested in the stories they had to tell in the mean time. Same with SSM, I know the original Peter Parker will eventually be back, but Marvel has stories they want to tell with this status-quo.A lot of people feel that Peter's death was the attempted emotional impact of 700, but it was more about Ock taking his place. We all KNOW that Peter will eventually be back, but we didn't know what Ock would do with his body. That's the hook. As with SSM#9 and Ghost Peter in general, I think the point was exactly what Dan said; to ease readers into the new status-quo. Now with Ghost Peter gone, Dan clearly intends to have Ock "off the moral leash", even more so than before. This is probably the turning point he wanted to write so he can now show Ock go full super-hero fascist.

  7. Nick MB

    Surely Marvel or DC acting like their storylines are forever when they turn out not to be is nothing new? They do this whenever they kill someone, because otherwise, they'd just be out there going "Well, yeah, y'know, we're doing this for a while and then Peter's coming back", and where's the fun in that? As #13 says above, their job is to make it fun - to me, that means buying into the story and acting like it matters, which is what they're doing, rather than going "Yeah, it's just temporary, whatever".

  8. ac

    12 You're assuming he has to be victorious to come back...It oculd be someone else brings him back, or doc ock himself has a crisis of conscious and brings him back. He will come back, but it might not be a victory at all.

  9. WKB

    I am not reading SPork because I am not interested in this story-line. One reason is this,"Peter is dead and gone. Doc Ock is Spider-man now!" trying makes us believe that this is a "forever" type thing. Seriously? My problem is this:1. I am not stupid. 2. Don't act like I am stupid. 3. Amazing Spider-man 2 is coming out next summer. Marvel's new motto is "be like the movies." Peter will be back in his own body by Amazing Spider-man hits the screen.The whole idea that this is some "lasting effect" or "Peter is never going to come back" is silly. Marvel Comics needs to remember...IT IS COMICS! Nothing last forever, Peter will be back, the status quo will change again, and Peter/MJ will get back together. Thier main job is to make it fun which them doing "stunts' like this drains any fun out of it for me.

  10. Spider-panda

    Guys, relax! I believe that Dan Slott is a big Spider-man fan and I don't think that he hates Peter Parker and that he prefers Doc Ock more than him. It's just a matter of putting our superhero in situations that we as fans would be interested in. Calm down and just enjoy the ride...in the end, Peter Parker will still be victorious.

  11. Sbee613

    @8 I am with you 110% I kind of feel slott is the physical embodiment of Spock with how he thinks of us and himself how his ideas for spidey are just incredible and were just angry and overreacting.

  12. stillanerd

    Yeah, even if what is being alleged by Dan Slott, Steve Wacker, and the folks at Marvel is true, that Peter Parker is dead and never coming back and that Doc Ock will now be Spider-Man from here on out, nobody believes them because Marvel has played this similar game so many times. In fact, those who are liking the series and like Doc Ock as Spider-Man are all expecting Peter Parker to return at some point down the road in some "surprising" and "unexpected" way. Not at the risk of driving fans away in droves if we truly are meant to take their word. After all, this is the same Dan Slott who insisted that Roderick Kingsley was dead and then turned around and revealed is was Daniel Kingsley who was really killed. And of course, in this video, Dan Slott doesn't actually say that Peter Parker will stay dead even though he acts like he will be.

  13. Donovan Grant

    Guys, tone down the hostility. Keep personal insults at a minimum (I.E.=none).

  14. webhead37

    I will only respond with this....... Until Peter Parker returns, I will never buy another issue of Spider-Man.You know who SpOck reminds me of? Remember back in high school, there was that ONE guy/girl who acted like he/she was the best of everyone and acted like everyone else was beneath them and whenver you saw that stupid smug of theirs and they addressed that attitude towards you, you just wanted to stab them in the neck with a pen? Yea... that's the feel I get from SpOck

  15. Sbee613

    He must be hurting for sales if he has to reach out like this. I sincerely cannot wait for the new spidey movie so we can finally have Peter back. And what's with the theatrics? He sounds like a 10 year old trying to convince his parents to buy this garbage series. Please slott go back to your hole and fear for your safety I prefer you like that.

  16. Matt Byrd

    All I can say is I'm glad I DON'T, REPEAT DON'T READ MY FAVORITE MARVEL HERO ANYMORE!!!!, HE WON'T BE READ BY THIS FAN TILL HE"S BROKEN THAT SILLY BUT, VERY DUMB DEAL WITH THE DEVIL! Till then I'll spend my comic money elsewhere.....There I've said it!

  17. Mike 13

    I love it... especially when he gets EVEYBODIES' panties in a bunch... lol... keep it up fanboys and girls... lol

  18. I.M.

    ..... Seriously?Does he think he's being funny with the hysterics? Does he think anyone for one minute believes that Peter Parker is gone, dead, never coming back? Does he not realize he's coming across as the world's worst fanfic writer, whipping himself into ecstasy over his favourite character? What kind of editor-in-chief looks at this guy and thinks, "Yeah, we want HIM writing our flagship character! Gotta be! Nobody else can do it better than him!"Sheesh.

  19. RDMacQ

    Dan, no one is buying it. No one believes for a second Peter is dead "forever." Or even "dead."Nothing you do at this point is going to change this. This is comics. If Superman didn't stay dead, Spidey isn't going to stay dead. And going out and trying to "convince" people that Spidey is dead is not going to make his return any more "surprising."It's not a matter of "If" Dan, it's a matter of "When." Which is probably going to be in the next year or so. Maybe you spend more time on the story than making videos to convince people of something they don't believe.

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