Spider-Man Gets Drunk in Australia

25-2018632-twb311212spider009_fct1024x630x33_t460The Daily Mercury website is reporting that a drunk American dressed as Spider-Man was jumping balconies in Australia. He allegedly eluded police for an hour until he fell to the street.  He has a concussion, lacerations, and possible  internal bleeding.  The suspects name has not been released but he is charged with participating in an unregulated high risk activity and will appear in Proserpine Magistrates Court later this month. What do you think of this drunken American tourist?

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(3) Comments

  1. Enigma_2099

    What do I think of him? Well I'm glad you asked, BD! *Ahem...* I think he's *Bleep* out of his *Bleep* *Bleep* mind, and in fact he's so *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* that he's giving *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* a bad name, and by god, that's not hard to do right now, so congratulations, *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep*, you win the grand prize! Pick up your gift at the door and go *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* with a *Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*!!!!!Drunk *Bleep*.

  2. fantasyfreak

    Kind of hilarious, but so stupid at the same time. Not sure if I should be annoyed or just laugh at him. Or possibly both.

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