Stan Lee Ready for His Cameo in ASM 2

971844_536230753099655_1920881609_nStan Lee has been busy filming his latest cameo in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. What do you think he should do in this one? It’ll be hard to beat the library scene from the first one.

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  1. cubman987

    I love that Stan pops up in all of the Marvel movies, and I think the one in Amazing Spider-man is the best.

  2. Matt Byrd

    Stan's very first comic work was from in Captain America # 3, 1941 if you all knew this I'm sure you wouldn't be so harsh on his appearance in the character's movies. Yes besides a photo that very cover I have the two page work itself if anyone's interested seeing please let me know? Thank You.

  3. Aziz

    @#4 Irishlad: I know, but I had no problem with that, Cap is a Marvel character after all, and a big part of Avengers, Stan added him in the team after putting him in ice

  4. Irishlad

    as long as they keep him off Captain america 2. Stan had no part in creating Cap. It was embarrasing seeing his cameo in the first one.

  5. Aziz

    The Library scene itself beats the HISHE version of it with Stan scolding the Avengers for ruining his library

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