$100 Staples From Amazing Fantasy15 For Sale

T2eC16JzoE9s5ndzn9BRn87UTF6w60_57-600x370A seller on Ebay is asking for $50 a piece for two staples that held together a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15.  Evidently people didn’t take his word since the recent auction didn’t sell. Who would buy something like this? The seller says its a great item for a restoration project. 
In the meantime I have a box of staples from Action Comics #1 if anyone wants them. LOL. Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up. 

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  1. Aziz

    Pfft, please. I have the signature of king Richard on one of my shirts. Not selling it for new hair on my head :o

  2. AmFan15

    Yeah...BTW, I have the pen that Steve Ditko used to draw Amazing Fantasy 15 with. I'll sell it for the low, low cost of just $150...operators are standing by! ;)

  3. herbiepopnecker

    Guess I won't bother trying to sell the piece of paper from the top right corner of page 17 from Detective Comics #39 that I've got.

  4. Wes

    The staples fell out of my Amazing Fantasy #15. Finally I can put it back together with the right staples.

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