First Look at Spider-Man 2099’s Return

The New York Post was given a Marvel exclusive look at Superior Spider-Man # 17 and 18. Here are the covers where Spider-Man 2099 and goes after Spock. What do you think? Does he know Ock is in Peter’s body?

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(7) Comments

  1. Enigma_2099

    ... aaaaaand letting the line out... baiting the hook...Jerk the line a little bit, Abner...Shhhhhhhhh. Be vewy vewy kwiet. We're fishing for Spidey 2099 fans... Can't keep suckering them in with the "Ben Reily" bait forever!

  2. dornwolf

    Course he knows, he's from the future and inspired by Peter by using records of that time so it probably won't be hard.

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