Mighty Avengers with Spider-Man

Marvel has released some images of the upcoming Mighty Avengers book. The team consists of Luke Cage, Superior Spider-Man, Blue Marvel, She-Hulk, White Tiger, and Power Man. What do you think? 

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  1. Nick MB

    Not a huge fan of Greg Land's work but it's an interesting line-up and I'm always up for more Superior Spidey if well-written, so I'll pick it up if the reviews are good.

  2. The Spot

    Still not sold on the line up . Fed up of Luke Cage if I'm honest. Only reason I'm okay with Spider-Man being on this team is because it's Superior so would be something new. Though I hope they explain why SpOck is on the team since I can't see he would agree to go on a team will lesser people, maybe as a chance to show his superiority I guess but I just don't buy it. Though I want him to be the comic relief in this, I was reading the Inferior Deadpool issue and it was funny having Deadpool pick up on the lack of humour and quips and Ock try to do the quipage and he couldn't. So yes Spidey should be the comic relief this time.

  3. thearachknight

    I'm excited, honestly I am. Especially since its another book where Slott isn't writing SpOck

  4. Chris

    I don't know anything about the Blue Marvel or the new Power Man, but I think that this is a great line-up. Hopefully, Iron Fist will be joining soon.

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