Amazing Spider-Man 2 Adds Vulture?

VultureAccording to – yes, played by Colm Feore:

(Potential spoilers at the first link above)

We’ve managed to confirm that Feore will be playing a character from classic Spidey lore in Marc Webb’s sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Plus, find out how this character ties in with the film’s villains to…well, you’ll have to click for more!

There’s not much else on this right now other than rampant Sinister Six speculation.

–George Berryman!

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  2. Ricky K

    Spider-man has always been a backdrop for the soap opera of Peter's life. In the earlier issues (and Ultimate) they had a teen angst serial going over a multi-issue arc while Spidey fought a different villan every issue or sometimes two. I am hoping the movie follows that formula. Thats where SM3 failed.

  3. B-Mask

    As much as it feels overstuffed, people keep forgetting that these villains were never massively fleshed out, and superhero movies need to learn that, sometimes, a superpowered crook can be a superpowered crook. We don't need him to have an emotionally powered backstory, and we can introduce him as a guy just turning up to give Spidey something to tussle with as a 'day in the life of Spidey' moment. Hell, Ultimate Spiderman pulled this off constantly, and was able to introduce villains such as the shocker in this way without overstuffing the storyline.

  4. tickbite

    The Vulture? Absolutely! Rather in the third than in this one, but either way I want to see Spidey and Toomes battle it out above New York ...

  5. The Spot

    Please no. The only way Vulture should make it into this movie is a passing reference at best, or maybe a collage of a battle while the opening titles roll.

  6. AmFan15

    I think the Sinister Six COULD work in a Spider-Man movie, but only if they were set up properly, over a few they did with the Avengers. But I don't know about this rumor. We've already got Electro, Rhino, and (possibly) the Goblin...introducing another villain just sounds like overkill.That being said, this guy does have the look of the Vulture though.

  7. fantasyfreak

    So I take it you dont want a Sinister Six in neither this or the next film? I´m also a bit worried this film will be over-stuffed already, but I´m gonna try and stay positive as long as I can. And this Vulture thing is still a rumour right?

  8. K-Box in the Box

    Yes, because overstuffing your sequels with villains always works well for superhero film franchises.

  9. fantasyfreak

    I saw they also had started the rumor that there were set pics of Norman Osborn as the Goblin, but I think thats false, it would also be smarter to just introduce these guys in their civilian identities, and then bring them in as Sinister Six in the 3rd film. Let Electro shine in this one(no pun intended).

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