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spider-man-hospital-bed-500x320 (1)Please bear with me as I am transferring webhosts. Evidently the site has too much traffic at my current webhost Fatcow. I’m going to have to get a dedicated server to handle all the traffic and bandwidth. I’m looking at since they have been the most friendly and offer the most custimization. I need a lot of bandwidth to support 200+ mp3 files.
At the moment the site is still hosted on but I’ve had to take down podcast #182-184 along with # 231 and 232. People were downloading them so much that it drained the computer that hosted my site and other websites.
So over the next couple of days I’m going to be working with the new host to pack up the moving boxes and move the Crawlspace.

A couple of weeks ago I asked you all to help pay the bills for a new program to prevent malware and hacks on the front page. You all came through. I’m going to ask again since setting up a new VPS server and transfering the site will cost several hundred dollars. If you like the site, enjoy the message board and have downloaded a few of the podcasts then please consider dropping a few bucks in the paypal tip jar. I’ll read your name on an upcoming podcast and give you an audio thank you. Thanks to everyone for their patience with these growing pains.

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  1. hornacek

    I can't donate much but after last month's "downage" I decided to donate the $3.99 that I would normally spend on Spidey every month since I stopped buying after #700 and I get my monthly Spidey fix here. I encourage anyone who dropped the book recently (and can afford it) to donate the money they would spend on the comic(s) to this site. Every little bit helps.Hell, I encourage *everyone* to donate, but consider this a challenge specifically to those of us that dropped the book because of (cough) recent events.

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