Sony Announces Two Additional Amazing Spider-Man Sequels

AGSMSony announced that they are doubling down and moving forward with two more Amazing Spider-Man movies, coming in 2016 and 2018 (when Andrew Garfield will be in his mid-30’s). 

Here’s Sony’s press release via Deadline Hollywood:

CULVER CITY, Calif., June 17, 2013 – With Sony Pictures Entertainment now in production in New York on The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, slated for release on May 2, 2014, the studio is planting its flag on two future release dates for one of the most successful franchises in studio history, it was announced today by Jeff Blake, Chairman, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Sony Pictures. The next two films in the story of Peter Parker will be released on June 10, 2016, and on May 4, 2018, respectively.

Commenting on the announcement, Blake said, “Spider-Man is our most important, most successful, and most beloved franchise, so we’re thrilled that we are in a position to lock in these prime release dates over the next five years.”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci & Jeff Pinkner, with a previous draft by James Vanderbilt, and based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are the producers. The executive producers are E. Bennett Walsh, Stan Lee, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci.

The Amazing Spider-Man took in over $750 million at the worldwide box office last year.

Sony’s Amy Pascal did say, more or less, “from my cold dead hands!” when it comes to letting the Spider-Man franchise go to Disney. It seems she is following through on that vow. This also further dashes the hopes of any Marvel fans hoping to see Spider-Man appear in any of the current Marvel Studios hero movies.

–‘Gorgeous George’ Berryman

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  1. jvl1031

    @#11 I liked The Amazing Spider-man and even prefer it to the Raimi movies, but I'll admit, I am worried that the filmmakers may be putting too much into the sequel. At least now, there's a chance that they are spreading the story around.

  2. Aziz

    I like the first Webb film, I really do, but I honestly think these people are overconfident if this wasn't their plan since the get go It's not like the first film was received warmly enough, sure it cashed in big, but it's mainly due the name Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2 (cashed in the least of the Raimi films) cashed more than Webb's first film. The new movie didn't get that warm a welcome, and from what I see about the sequel, not sure it will help

  3. Asa

    @7 Not really, but I had hoped that Marvel would pull their s**t together, wrap their heads round the character and give us a great film. Nothing against the Raimi Spider-Man films (except 3) or ASM, but they were flawed. It'd be nice to see Spidey interact with other characters too, he never existed in total isolation from other heroes.

  4. jvl1031

    @#5 See, that's the thing. I don't know why every other Marvel character gets treated with dignity and respect, but Spider-man gets run into the ground.

  5. Enigma_2099

    @#2 You seriously thought they were gonna let that happen? "Gorgeous George?" That's just gold.

  6. Nick MB

    I thought someone said ASM was a trilogy. I suppose maybe the current writer/director might leave after #3 and new people might join Garfield and co. Or that's just no longer the case at all.

  7. George Berryman - Post author

    "I just don’t trust Marvel to handle the character correctly at this point, after seeing what they did to him in both comic and animated form." You know... as much as I trust Marvel Studios because of what they've done with the movies from Iron Man onward... I will agree with this. I started thinking a lot about this earlier today. I've recently started playing the Marvel Heroes PC game; in it Spider-Man sounds like a 12-year old with weaponized ADD. (AmFan15 plays that game as well and tells me it's Drake Bell from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.) So yeah I don't trust Marvel with Spider-Man in film form. Everything else - yes. But not Spider-Man. Marvel's view of the character is insanely flawed and wrong-headed. The current regime misunderstands the fundamentals of the character. That being said - not all that hot on what Sony's done with him either, although I'm sure Garfield doesn't sound like an annoying pre-teen.

  8. RDMacQ

    With this news, I'd gather than it would mean that Emma Stone isn't going to die in ASM 2. ASM 3 will probably be her death, with ASM 4 being the aftermath of that event.

  9. jvl1031

    I'm actually fine if Sony holds onto the rights for Spider-man's film franchise. I just don't trust Marvel to handle the character correctly at this point, after seeing what they did to him in both comic and animated form. I also don't need to see Spider-man pop up in an Avengers film. Tony Stark has the role of "the smart guy with a sense of humor" filled, so Spider-man's presence would feel kind of superfluous. Plus, Spider-man has always worked well as the lone, misunderstood hero.

  10. The Spot

    I think we all expected a third? But a fourth? Well it would be nice to see the series break the 3rd movie barrier, they had better progress Peters age in these films other wise then it would be stupid if they presumably kept Garfield. Though it would be interesting if this did make it past 3 films or if it's just Sony gesturing.

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