Spidey (Pete Parker) to get new sister in “Family Business” Graphic Novel by Waid

spider-man-familybusinesscvr Newsarama reports that a new graphic novel set before the events of ASM #698 details a plot in which the Kingpin and Peter Parker’s CIA parents are involved. Most notably however is the announcement that Peter will meet his long lost sister named Teresa.
“It seems very bizarre to him that Aunt May never mentioned anything about this woman, who’s about his age and the resemblance is there,” Waid added. “Peter wants to try to figure out what this mystery is all about but basically they’re running from a crime syndicate out to kill them both throughout the novel, so there’s not a whole lot of time for Spider-Man to sit and relax and slowly suss this out.

“It really is a focus on Peter drafted into the spy James Bond-ish, super-secret-agent life that his parents left.”

 Thoughts on this upcoming family reunion? Comment below!

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  1. hornacek

    Mark Waid creates a never-before seen sister of Peter Parker???"Dick move, (Mark). Flat out, a dick move, and you know it."

  2. Daniel

    Waid has done some great work on Daredevil, but I think his interpretation of Spider-Man on the other hand sucks. So I'm not looking forward to this.

  3. Kenny

    So this won’t be coming out till May of 2014, and they have to set it before ASM 698 for it to be Peter Parker? I guess that means the current Superior Spider-man will still be going strong in 2014. **Sigh**@5 I have read those as well and they are really good. I miss the spider-man novels. Wish they would make more.

  4. Bertone

    "set before the events of ASM #698 "Thank you for letting us know that nothing of consequence will happen.

  5. stillanerd

    Gee, are we sure Marvel wasn't reading Kevin's Spider-Man Crawlspace fan comic for ideas? Granted, his series had Peter Parker's long-lost brother but even so... j/k ;-)

  6. RDMacQ

    Yeah, I can't see this being anything other than a fake out.Oh, I know that the "Journey is half the story." BUT I think that a change THIS radical would probably be something depicted in the comics FIRST, not in an OGN.

  7. Asa

    In order for this to fit with continuity either: - She isn't his sister or - Peter's memory of these events has to be erased before SpOck takes over. Given Marvel's record, I'm going to place my bets on the second one...

  8. AmFan15

    This has been done before. Back in the early 2000's, Adam Troy-Castro wrote a trilogy of Sinister Six novels. http://www.amazon.com/Spider-Man-The-Sinister-Six-Combo/dp/074348715XIn it, Peter finds a photograph of his parents holding a baby...but the picture was taken two years before he was born...and it was a BABY GIRL! Meanwhile, the Sinister Six reforms, along with a new member named Pity. Throughout the novels, Peter Parker (and the reader) aren't sure that she is not, in fact, his long-lost sister!It was a great read, and captured the feel of the comics. I highly recommend it. Save your money from the comics, and go check it out.

  9. Nick MB

    Waid is on good form at the moment with DD and Hulk, so excited to see him tackle Spidey. Even though I won't be able to afford this until the softcover edition.

  10. tnr105

    So we've got a Goblin King, and a long lost Parker sibling...am I the only one seeing the irony?

  11. steven powell

    So now peter has a sister? Marvel really has no idea what they want spider-man to be. I'm really curious about how this is going to work?

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