Video of “Teresa Parker” in Spider-Man Family Business


51Z2GHJ83TLThe video is after the jump, but does anyone remember Pity from the Gathering of Sinister Six prose novels? She was also an alleged sister from Peter’s past.

The video is after the jump.

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  1. fantasyfreak

    I really like the voiceover :) Anyone know who that is? Sounds familiar. But why make a trailer for a comic? It´s neither a cartoon or a motion comic, so why have a motion comic trailer for the regular comic? It just doesnt make any sense.

  2. AmFan15

    I remember Pity, BD. I commented on it as soon as I saw Donovan's post. The Sinister Six trilogy was a great series. Adam Troy-Castro did a really fantastic job with those. It captured everything I loved about Spidey: the action, the humor, and the never-say-die attitude. He did an awesome job with Spidey's supporting cast, too.

  3. hornacek

    Except Dan Slott. He'll continue to think PL is one of the 3 worst Spidey stories ever. Killing Peter Parker and replacing him with Doc Ock - that's fine. But PL? Forget about it.

  4. Big Al

    Yes, okay. This will last. Actually if it does I don't think anyone is entitled to complain about the Parallel ives retcon anymore

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