Ben Returns in Scarlet Spider #21

1371560711The cover of Scarlet Spider #21 has just been released. It looks like a well loved clone maybe back in August. What are your thoughts? 

• After last issue’s shocking ending, everything has changed for Kaine. His second chance at life is over. 
• At his lowest point, he comes face to face with the one man that’s fueled his obsession, hate and guilt his entire life… BEN REILLY.

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(10) Comments

  1. Mark

    I just don't want them to kill Kaine off, he's an awesome scarlet spider. I love Ben, but I love Kaine so much more, because he's not exactly like Peter, though I really want Peter back.

  2. DCMarvelFanGuy

    @8 Well, considering how good a job Chris Yost has done on this tiltle and the great voice he has for Kaine, yes I think they can!

  3. Enigma_2099

    Even if it was true, and this is current Marvel so it probably isn't... would you trust current Marvel to get Ben right?

  4. JCman

    Well, given the trash of superior spiderman, and OMD and WTF and so many others, getting back Ben could be good, that may be what MJ really asked Mefisto

  5. Benreillyfan

    oh man...its most likely a hallucination, but i will never give up hope until the issue is in my hands!

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