Age Of Ultron #10 Review

Age_of_Ultron_Vol_1_10_TextlessSTORY BY
Brian Michael Bendis
A whole bunch of people for no apparent reason

This is it, people! The big conclusion and it’s so big that it even came sealed in plastic to keep you from peeking inside at the shop! After reading this issue, I debated over writing a serious review or unloading a rant. Well, there’s no way I can take this book seriously.

I should have known there’s trouble when I saw it was wrapped up in a comic condom. Nothing good ever comes from comics sealed in plastic. So you don’t waste your money on this to satisfy your curiosity, here’s what happens:

1. Present day Hank Pym receives a message from his future self to add a back door virus to Ultron. This proves to be convenient because Ultron rises up and The Avengers fight him. Pym contacts Iron Man to tell him they need to upload the virus code into Ultron. They do it, Ultron shuts down, Avengers win. Yay Avengers.

2. Wolverine and Sue Storm, our two heroes who have been time hopping throughout the series, go home to present day New York which is fine and dandy and everything is back to normal. Yay normal.

3. That’s half the book. The last half starts with five pages shows the time continuum breaking apart with images of the entire Marvel universe jumbled together then a voice saying “What the hell was that?” We then see the effect this has on other Marvel Universe characters which are really previews for upcoming post-Age of Ultron books. That’s right, the last half of the book are previews! Commercials! I FRIGGIN’ HATE COMMERCIALS!!! The last commercial is for Guardians of the Galaxy #5 and introduces Angela, the Image character we’ve been teased since the beginning of this series. Of course, this preview is a two page spread of her coming to Earth vowing to kill whoever broke time. Yawn. Way to tell us nothing about this character. On topic with this site, one page show Ultimate Spider-Man, so I guess the effects of time breaking will leak over into the Ultimate universe. Yay leaks.

CONS: Everything. Boring ending with no twists, no drama, no imagination. I was so into this series. I was loving the time travel, alternate timelines, dual Wolverines, all of it. The whole thing ended with a very bland thud. I should have known better. This isn’t my first big event. I know how these things usually go. I work in a shop and read this for free and I still want my money back.

PROS: When time is depicted as breaking, we see panels of characters at different times of the Marvel Universe. One is a panel of The Thing dressed up as a pirate from Fantastic Four #5 from way back in 1962. I loved that issue and I loved Ben dressed as Blackbeard. That’s all I’ve got for positives.

GRADE: Solid F

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(12) Comments

  1. Enigma_2099

    Well, that explains Spidey 2099 and Ben being back.And a summer company crossover from Marvel limps over the finish line? Shocking.Me? I'm reading TMNT vol. 5 and Archer and Armstrong vol. 2. Written by Fred Van Lente. Didn't he write something we were talking about a while back?

  2. RobHagen

    If that's the case, George, then Wolvie saved his mom from Sabretooth and time went all a-wacky?Oy, Superboy Prime punching the walls of Heaven makes more sense than this it seems....

  3. George Berryman

    So wait, wait.Wolverine is the now the Flash in this Marvel Crisis? This is all Flashpoint?

  4. George Berryman

    Wasn't this originally supposed to be like a two or three part story in Avengers until they decided to stretch it out and milk it for more issues?Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. Or, in comicdom, decompression and Bendis tax. 8)

  5. Phantom Roxas

    What's an Ulton?Given how positive you've been for most of the series, I'm surprised this ending was such a complete reversal. And yeah, this whole event really is just an advertisement, since it's telling to you read Guardians of the Galaxy for Angela, and also to read Hunger to know what Galactus is going to do.

  6. Jack Brooks

    Sounds like a whole lotta nuthin'. Isn't Bendis famous for "thud" endings? Didn't Civil War ended with a whimper?

  7. Donovan Grant

    "I should have known there’s trouble when I saw it was wrapped up in a comic condom. ""CONS: Everything.""GRADE: Solid F"Damn, son.

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