Mary Jane Cut From ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’

MJOut“In a move only Joe Quesada could love…”

Mary Jane Watson has been removed from the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. This news comes from the actress hired to play the iconic redhead, Shailene Woodley. The actress informed Entertainment Weekly that Mary Jane’s scenes have been removed from the film.

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From Bleeding Cool:

“Of course I’m bummed… but I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason… based on the proposed plot, I completely understand holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film.”

This movie has been filming for a good long while now and still we’re hearing about characters being added, characters being cut, etc. This news comes after learning the Vulture had been cast and that two more films were being planned.

So what’s going on with this film? Are things being switched around due to accommodate a fourth film as opposed to a trilogy? Are they trying to add too much into the sequel?

What about Sony and Marc Webb? Are they still on the same page?

What further changes will follow?

UPDATE: Deadline Hollywood has the following statement from director Marc Webb:

“I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship,” director Marc Webb explained in a statement. “Shailene is an incredibly talented actress and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her.”

No indication if Woodley will reprise the role in the next film.

–‘Gorgeous George’ Berryman!

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  1. Nick MB

    @15 Sony announced release dates for #3 and #4 the other day. Although whether Webb will still be there by then, who knows. (Or indeed if they'll change their mind if the next two don't do well.)

  2. Baby_Buster

    Correction: her involvement in ASM2 was confirmed 5 months later (March 2013), the role was initially offered on October 10, 2012. So, yeah, that kind of makes sense, since her casting in Divergent happened later (October 22).

  3. Baby_Buster

    I keep reading that the decision might have something to do with Woodley's schedule: she is going to be quite busy with the film adaptations of the Divergent trilogy. Sony has already announced release dates for ASM3 and 4 so the role is most likely to be recast.What I don't understand, though, is this: Woodley was cast in Divergent in October and in ASM2 5 moths later. They already knew her schedule, so why did they cast her in the first place?

  4. JT

    Mary Jane Watson is turning into Da Vinci Code "Mary Magdalene". Decades from now, they will have succeeded in making us forget all about her significance by erasing everything about her almost completely until she is just be a footnote as a "whore" Peter Parker once befriended.And Quesada's sinister plan will have come into full effect! }:(

  5. RDMacQ

    This is pretty surprising. It's not everyday a major character gets cut from a movie like this (although you can bet this is just going to fuel the fires of the Gwen-Shippers).If her scenes WERE minimal, then I can understand it. Save it for the third film. Make sure they get it right.I hope that this doesn't imply that there are troubles behind the scenes and will result in a lower quality film.

  6. Enigma_2099

    So... you keep adding more and more characters... and then you cut THIS ONE out?Congratulations. I didn't think it was possible for me not to care less about these movies, but you proved me wrong. You get a gold star.You added Felicia Hardy to the movie... FELICIA F****** HARDY!!!!!... my rage could fill an ocean.

  7. jpd13

    No disrespect to the actress but I never saw her as MJ. Report I saw said they will definitely be recasting in Spider-Man 3

  8. Big Al

    Maybe they will do what the Matrix or Pirates of the Caribbean films did and have two movies released back to back, one leading into another. You could have MJ do her famous intro at the end of one of those movies if you did that

  9. spideypr

    oh for cryin' out loud, just kill Gwen already and let's get on with it. by the time this franchise hits episode 4, Tobey Maguire will be playing Uncle Ben!!!

  10. George Berryman - Post author

    I would not be surprised if they recast the part. That's not me knocking Shailene Woodley's talent; I'm sure she's fine! She's already done some standout work and has another franchise and other projects already lined up. Despite all this ASM2 kerfuffle it's a great time to be Shailene Woodley right now.But they might have miscast her against Garfield because of the age difference. She is 21 but often looks younger, especially when her looks are being underplayed. Garfield's pushing 30. By the time the fourth movie rolls around he's going to be in his mid-30s and she'll only be in her mid-20's - and probably still looking quite young compared to Garfield.

  11. Asa

    Probably setting stuff up for Green Goblin/death of Gwen Stacey in 3, then a Sinister Six showdown in 4 now that he knows the space he has to work with.

  12. cubman987

    It sounds like based on what Mark Webb said that they are changing things up a bit to accomidate for a 4 part story (since there are going to be at least 4 movies), he also pretty much said they will recast the part for the 3rd one.

  13. fantasyfreak

    This makes me so mad. I was looking forward to a new interpretation of MJ. And even if she returns for the 3rd one, that is years from now(granted, this won´t be out until next year, but you know what I mean). I´m really getting worried from everything they´re adding to this one.

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