Jamie Foxx Talks Electro

JFELC“The catch phrase is the key…”

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ actor Jamie Foxx recently spoke with MTV about his take on Electro. Foxx is announcing that he’s developed a catchphrase for what MTV describes as a “B-list villain.”

From MTV:

“They would allow me to come up with things, because I think why you like going to see those types of movies, and that’s what I dig doing, you want to hear catchphrases,” said Foxx. “So at one point we were doing this green screen thing, and (director Marc Webb) says, ‘Just ad-lib something.’ And I said, “The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came… Electro… and wiped the spider out.”

“What I wanted to bring, we all decided was, we wanted to make Electro a formidable opponent, meaning we want him to really, really not like Spider-Man,” Foxx said.

“I think it’s those types of things that people are really going to latch on to.”

That’s the latest on the sequel so far as Electro goes. MTV’s website also has a brief, content-lite bit about Felicity Jones but after last week’s news there’s not much there that’s new.

Update: As fans have pointed out both here and on the Crawl Space Facebook page, the Itsy Bitsy Spider song was also used by the Green Goblin in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man film.

–‘Gorgeous George’ Berryman!

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(6) Comments

  1. FSUSpiderfan

    Sounds like Jamie Fox is going to the Mr. Freeze school of acting. "I have some news for your hero, and it's SHOCKING!!!", "WATTS your problem Web Head?" "This is HIGH VOLTAGE!"

  2. George Berryman - Post author

    FSU, that's what I kept coming back to. "Oh, great! Finally an actor that understands the basic premise of the villain not liking the hero." Heh. 8)

  3. FSUSpiderfan

    and we've never had a villain that really really didn't like Spidey before. What's next a villain with powers created by SCIENCE? That would be ground breaking.

  4. FSUSpiderfan

    Hope for movie decreasing...Yes all we want is catch phrases, especially ones that have already been done better in previous movies. Sounds like he is not taking the role seriously.

  5. jvl1031

    I don't know if lines like that would work in the movie, given the more serious tone the filmmakers are going for with this series.

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