Spider-Man Implicated In Indiana TV Heist

SpiderHeist“It Was All A Misunderstanding–!”

The question of whether or not Spider-Man is a hero or menace pops up in the Midwest, where Spider-Man and two accomplices were photographed breaking into a Cambridge high school and making off with three big television sets.

From WTDN News:

Investigators say the three suspects broke into Lincoln High School at 215 East Parkway Drive early Wednesday morning.  Surveillance photos caught the three milling around hallways and ultimately stealing three big screen televisions worth more than $4,000.

Police say the ‘spidey’ heist took just fifteen minutes and off the suspects went out the front lobby doors.

If are wondering whether Spider-man fired off a sticky web to grab the TVs, well there’s no evidence of that.

A series of photographs from the early morning heist have been posted online with the following request:

Call Cambridge City Police at 765-478-1231 if you know Spidey’s identity.

No word yet on whether or not the Daily Bugle is posting its own reward.  Wealth and fame, he’s ignored… but apparently the lure of big TV’s was just too much!

UPDATE: In related news, Venom may have been behind an assault in a State College, Pennsylvania hotel.  In that attack the assailant was described as “approximately five-feet-10-inches to six-feet tall with a heavy, muscular build” in all black clothing and a black Spider-Man mask.  Sheesh, if this keeps up we’re gonna have to add a new category under ‘News!’

–‘Gorgeous George’ Berryman!

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