Help Spideydude celebrate 15 years this Friday!

Calling all Crawl Space Fans!
This month, the website is celebrating it’s 15th year of being online! To celebrate, we are doing a live caller show on Clone Saga Chronicles. To join the conversation, all you need is
1. Skype. This free Voice-over IP software is available for free here.
2. Add ‘Spideydude’ (Natch) as your friend and PM me to be added to the green room.
3. Have your questions or comments ready, as we’ll add in everyone one at a time.
4. We will start the calling process at 8 CST PM this Friday night, June 28th!

Heard of Clone Saga Chronicles, but never got the new feed? Have you heard us discuss it on the Crawl Space Podcast and wondered what it’s all about? Go to iTunes and add’s Clone Saga Chronicles to the podcast feeds, or go to and download it directly! It’s a show hosted by myself, Joshua Lapin-Bertone and Donovan Morgan Grant and more. If you want to listen now, just click the links  below to hear our last two episodes!

And if you CAN’T make the show on time? Leave us a voicemail at 818-925-6631, and we’ll play your voicemail’s on the show!

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  1. Robert Dye

    Whoops. Strike that "make more sense" bit. The InterWebs are world wide. For Americans give the time zone, but someone in Australia would probably prefer to know Coordinated Universal Time.

  2. Robert Dye

    You might want to amend "8 PM" to include the time zone, or express as Coordinated Universal Time. (Formerly "Greenwich Mean." It would probably make more sense to say8 PM, and give the time zone, and let people figure it out.)Rob

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