Harry Osborn as Green Goblin in ASM2?

chris_cooperMovieWeb seems to  have an “inside source”  that knows the plot of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and 3. They’re reporting  that Harry Osborn as played by Dane Dehaan will suit up as the Goblin in the second sequel, not Norman as played by Chris Cooper. They also have a mole that describes the goblin suit in detail.

Green Goblin’s suit will be made up entirely of matte black armor that resembles a hi-tech motocross suit. The suit will remain open-faced, and there will be no helmet at all. Norman will have green hair that is spiked high up. 

spider-man-2In his ears, he will be wearing a Bluetooth device that will make it look as though he has the Green Goblin’s signature pointed ears, the same way Selina Kyle’s goggles worked in creating the illusion that she had cat ears. The back of the armor has a spine. At the moment, there are no green accents. From a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Tony Stark’s signature Mark XLII armor had been painted black.

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  1. stillanerd

    My God, if that's really what the Green Goblin looks like in the film, that's going to look friggin' awful! Granted, it's not Power Ranger Goblin, but even so.

  2. Big Al

    I don't get it if Harry is the Goblin why will Norman have spiked Green hair? Either way this has got me worried. Im lost on who exactly will be in ASM 2 as the villains. Elector, Rhino and Goblin, but also Vutlure and maybe Black Cat????? Regardless I really do not like Harry being the Goblin first and the description of the suit has me apprehensive but I won't judge until I see it in action

  3. Xingken

    Look at what they did to Spidey's suit in ASM2. It's amazing. Turning a costume into a "realistic" incoherent ugly mess is an easy out Dark Knight trilogy does way too often. I despise Dark Knight's costumes and designs in general. They are like brown video games, a retarded extreme.

  4. fantasyfreak

    I like the Dark Knight costumes. You can´t have all costumes appear exactly as they do in the comics anyway, since it would look very silly. It´s a tough job, making the costumes work on film, while still trying to stay true to the characters. I´m not too thrilled about the description of the goblin costume either, but then again, such descriptions could be misleading. I´m interpreting the Harry as the Goblin taking place in ASM3, cause notice it says "second sequel", ASM2 isnt the second sequel, its the first. Granted, maybe I´m taking it too literally, but I would think it strange for Webb to build up Norman in the first only to have his son be the Goblin instead, seeing as he´s being introduced in the same film. I wouldn´t mind it,since it would be kind of different, but it kind of seems like waste of build-up.Okay, I´m done ranting now :)

  5. Ian

    so id be completely okay with harry as the goblin, but holy shit that costume description.... i was really hoping that the marc webb spidey series wouldnt have costume influence from the dark knight trilogy... i despise those costumes and their heavy influence on superhero costumes since. really hope that costume description isnt true. :(

  6. Jonathan

    I love how they're saying that Harry is the Goblin, yet the article says that Norman will be the one with the spiked green hair.

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