Spider-Art #110

Kirby_Spidey_original Found on the Kirby Dynamics blog, here’s an imaging of what the king’s original design for Spider-Man may have been like.

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  1. wwww789

    Eh, it's not terrible but it seems pretty generic to be honest, I can't imagine this being nearly as iconic as the final design.

  2. BD

    I wrote to Jack Kirby historian Mark Evanier about this image and if he ever saw the original Spider-Man image Kirby penciled. He e-mailed me back with this. "ME: Never saw the pages he drew. That drawing is just one guy's guess at what Jack drew. It should be remembered that Jack wasn't trying to draw a teenage character."

  3. Aziz

    No disrepect to Jack Kirby as an artist, but this is a crappy pseudo-cap, I can't see Spidey in it I wonder how his agility and foes would have been like if Kirby made his mark on Spider-Man's creation

  4. Enigma_2099

    I'm sure Kirby was a wonderful man, but thank god they didn't use this design.

  5. herbiepopnecker

    The site actually says: "Once in awhile I'm going to go through my files and just pull some random images that probably don't deserve a whole post. Here's a funny piece from fakestanlee.com where an unknown artist has put together a mock-up of what Jack's Spider-man design might have looked like." Anyhoo looks to me like Captain America meets Spider-Boy.

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