Peter Parker:Spider-Man is a Mini Series

IMG_0057a005 It seems the Peter Parker: Spider-Man comic that we were discussing last week is just a mini-series not an ongoing. The news was released in the the most recent issue of Avenging Spider-Man. The five issue series will feature Rambo writer David Morrell, Klaus Janson and Joe Casey. Will you pick it up?


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  1. mrgordo

    like me, you all have to face facts, Ock will remain Spidey for as long as the sales are good. The only thing Marvel has consistently shown disdain for MORE than Peter Parker are the FANS of Peter Parker. Or, more specifically, the LONG-TIME fans of Peter Parker. This move was done to lure NEW readers, to get a new generation to invest NOT in Spider-Man but the NEW, EDGIER, NOT YOUR FATHER's Spider-Man. "Superior Spider-Man: the anti-hero" to appeal to today's hip youth market. (It's Not Your Fathers Milk!!) Long time fans like me (or maybe you) who actually support our local comic book stores and have done so for years, never factored into it. The worse part is what a terrible book it is. SpideyOck is a psychopath, J.Jonah is a blood thirsty maniac, MJ is a brain dead's really awful. Boring, cluttered and no consistency. Typical Dan Slott. (How's that "Alpha" thing working out for you Dan?) I don't buy it and I don't miss it. I miss Peter Parker and family but I don't Miss Dan Slott's constant ret-conning and lack of tone. Nor do I miss his and Wacker's trolling. I ended up walking away from all Marvel books (Except "Hawkeye." I'm angry NOT crazy.) Might I suggest "MindMGMT," "Chew," "Saga," "Constantine" "Ten Grand," "Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine," or "Justice League Dark?"Seriously, It's just not worth the frustation of dealing with those guys anymore.cheers

  2. Jack Brooks

    Well of course Ock is "here to stay." They didn't say that he would be Spider-Man forever, just that he is "here to stay." Ock is ASM's most important villain now. No matter what they'll do with him, he'll be "around."Marvel to honesty is Clinton to what "is" is.

  3. webhead09

    Okay seriously, this is just dick Marvel. I will get those issues if it is featuring peter parker, but now it seems Marvel is trolling as much as Dan slott is. Quit pouring salt in open wounds!-Sigh- I'm seriously thinking of moving to DC Comics

  4. herbiepopnecker

    @ #10 But it IS Peter as Spider-Man. And they might even get his character right...

  5. Tom Winstone

    Marvel solicts have confirmed a four part Marvel Knights Spider-man series, by Matt Kindt. Don't know where the confusion has come from, but if Marvel want to publish two books about Peter Parker I'll pre-order both!

  6. jcman

    well I will remain away from spiderman. I hope that they do not give us that crap with the following spidey movies

  7. Sbee

    Hopefully if enough of us buy these issues wacker will maybe juuusssssttttttt maybe get a clue how we like our spider-man.

  8. Big Al

    Is anyone else getting a little annoyed by Marvel's insistance that Ock is here forever?

  9. reader

    Picking it up, too bad it's only a mini. Hope that they at least turn it into a maxi if sales are good.

  10. Phantom Roxas

    Just to spite Wacker, I'm breaking my policy of tradewaiting for this series, so I'll buy the single issues.

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