Burglar Breaks Into Ohio High School in Spidey Underwear

spidey10n-1-webvUoaj4724 year Thomas Williams allegedly broke into an Ohio high school. According to the police reports he pulled several fire alarms, sprayed fire extinquishers and damaged windows. The nearly 300 pound man did all this while wearing his Spidey tighty whiteys. He was charged with felony vandalism and breaking and entering.


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  1. reader

    I now have a thumbnail of a man and his spidey underwear in my "most visited" page in chrome. Thanks.

  2. hornacek

    He was trying to recreate the Spidey/Lizard fight in the school from the ASM movie. Hopefully he didn't throw any blondes out the window.

  3. herbiepopnecker

    He was charged with felony vandalism and breaking and entering. --And extremely disturbing fashion sense!

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