Spider-Man 3 Trailer with Comic Images

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  1. 666andahalf

    Forget the haters... I loved this movie. Cool to see the comic panels associated with it.

  2. JMH

    I can understand the feelings toward the movie black suit, but I prefer it because I've always found the comic black suit to be kinda dull. Just my two cents. I don't think the movie was nearly as bad as some fans made it out to be, although it was clearly the lesser of the the three films. It's no TASM... which is a good thing to me.

  3. wwww789

    Awesome trailer, it made me realize how bad some of the costume designs in the actual film were (Peter's symbiote suit being just a black version of his regular suit being the worst) I always thought the film as a whole was a little underrated, not great but not nearly as terrible as some people say. (I actually sort of prefer it to 'The Amazing Spider-man')

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