Sideshow Collectibles Campbell Collection

6267_10151616125704145_113310899_nSideshow Collectibles have started a new line called the Campbell Collection. The first three figures are Mary Jane, Gwen and Spidey. They look great! 

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  1. fantasyfreak

    @Big Al: To be fair though, MJ´s figure looks much more fanservice-y than Gwens(that´s what I think at least). But yeah, they´re nice :)Btw, at first when I saw the name Cambell I was thinking Bruce Cambell. Stupid brain XD But it was probably cause I watched the evil dead movies the other day.

  2. Spider-Dad

    For some reason I have always liked Scott Campbell's stylized renditions and these figurines look really nice. Unfortunately, I bet the price tag will be on the steep side..

  3. Big Al

    I will guiltily admit to liking Campell's rendition of MJ and Gwen even though...yeah it's fanserviceno two ways about it

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