Shailene Woodley Talks About Being Cut from ASM2

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  1. hornacek

    I will admit that I was one of the ones who questioned her looks in the ASM2 pictures, but only because in every other picture/appearance I've seen her in she was lovely. It's like they were deliberately making her look less attractive for ASM2 which defies logic considering the character of MJ in the Lee/Ditko-Lee/Romita issues.

  2. irishlad

    She is so lovely and so gracious about what happened, the movie and its script. she comes out of the situation with her head held high. Shame on those who engaged in the puerile "is she hot enough?" nonsense. She is/Was a perfect MJ. What fools these mortals be!

  3. Extreme Spider

    @6 Maybe MJ meets with Peter and doesn't know he's with Gwen. I think I read in Entertainment Weekly that they have a "lover's spat" so it could be in that time period MJ meets with Peter.

  4. hornacek

    @5 - Now I'm very curious about how they would have had her in the movie and say "the line". If Peter and Gwen are stil together it doesn't seem like she would say it then. Or if Gwen dies, "sorry your girlfriend died, and face it tiger you just hit the jackpot." seems a bit off.

  5. tickbite

    According to Empire magazine, she got to say the line "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot" - I'm wondering how they would have introduced her in the movie ...

  6. JT

    As B-Mask said, she looks and acts exactly like MJ in this video. They should hang on to her if her schedule permits.

  7. B-Mask

    Outside of the context-less paparazzi shots of the film, the girl is gorgeous and has exactly the right attitude. It's very easy now to see why they chose her for the role and I hope they're still willing to keep her on board for the sequel.

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