Podcast 238- Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Review with George

Podcst238July2013picWe are starting a new segment where we’re reviewing episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. We welcome our pal George Berryman back on the show to cover this segment each month. In the episode we review
*With Power Episode 1 of Season 1
* The Incredible Spider-Hulk Episode 14 of Season 2
*George gives pros and cons of each episode.
*His grade of the shows may surprise you. 


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 If you missed the previous episodes from July here they are. 


Podcast #237

Podcast #236

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(5) Comments

  1. Enigma_2099

    How in the hell did you get Bear to agree to this?!?!? Oh god, I haven't even listened yet and I'm already cracking up!!!

  2. Aziz

    Thanks for this segment Brad At least I know this fan demanded two things, they are merged Yeah, I thought the same when I first heard about the Spider-Hulk episode, I thought of Spider-Hulk from Web, not Wolverine's Freaky Friday

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