Superior Spider-Man Panel at SDCC 2013

Bertone, Donovan and Stella attended the Spider-Panel at the San Diego Comic Con. Don got in the first question and Bertone got one in too. The gang was front row on this one. Thanks gang for shooting this video.

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  1. Sbee

    I wish they talked about the real "superior" spider man title and tease and give us more hints about the scarlet spider and let yost talk more.

  2. Beto

    Wow awesome seats you got! Are the panels always so editor centered? I mean, Wacker was pretty much guiding the whole thing, I wanted more from Yost but it was ok.

  3. Sbee

    I would actually look forward to him not being there. To not see him up on the panel I'd feel relieved not having to hear from or see him.

  4. Nick MB

    Considering his well-documented issues with cutting deadlines pretty fine, I'm not that bothered or surprised by Slott and/or Wacker deciding flying Dan out to SDCC isn't the best use of his time, especially since having him still participate remotely is pretty easy to do. I think he usually does NYCC instead, since he lives there and it's less disruptive.

  5. Bertone

    I do have an issue with Slott not showing this many years in a row. I'm not raged about it or anything but I think it's important for him to be there to add some legitimacy to these things. 2011 and 2012 panels had big non-Spidey sections. Hashtag was being promoted in 2011 and Slott wasn't there to champion his story. His enthusiasm would have gone a long way.

  6. mlazic

    @8 - Would you say Jonathan Hickman won't back up his upcoming Infinity event and deserves to get mocked just because he choose not to attend SDCC and be on the Infinity panel? That seems pretty excessive, creators aren't obligated to make it to cons, sure it's great for the fans when they do but their responsibility first and foremost is to get the books out.

  7. B-Mask

    @6- I'm sorry, if you have a panel on a story you created and you don't show, you are going to get mocked. It makes it look like you can't back up your own work regardless of the actual context.

  8. WebbedSentry

    It's not a big deal that Slott didn't appear in person, yes it would have been nice but it doesn't mean anything. Could just be that he is busy working on Superior. It's sad that all the people making fun of Slott for not showing.

  9. Bertone

    Slott hasn't been to SDCC since 2010. Some suspected that his no-show this year was due to death threats, but it's not the case.

  10. webhead09

    @#2 HEYYOOOOOOO!!!!! Lol, I think it was obvious that Slott is now terrified of not just the angry fans but to all the people he trolled online as well

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