San Diego Comic Con Crawlspace Love BONANZA!

2yearslater For the third year in a row, I along with Stella have joined Bertone in covering San Diego Comic-Con for the Spider-Man Crawlspace (as well as the Batman Universe, but we shan’t mention that!). This year was one of the wildest, roughest and wackiest ventures ever, so here’s some pics to get an idea of who and what we all went up against! Click after the link to see dozens of pictures. 



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  1. Enigma_2099

    That 2011 to 2013 time lapse pic is funky. Other than Donovan looking like a small fro sporting Black Dynomite... WHAT CHANGED?!!?

  2. hornacek

    Superior Spider-Man #1 for $125?!?!?Oh wait, it's signed by Stan Lee. That explains it. Still, the picture next to it shows you can get ASM #1 signed by Stan and it's only $75 Which would you rather buy?

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