Spider-Art #116

all Can you name them all?

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  1. Old Guy

    Off of the Deviant Art website : ~SpidermanGeek Aug 24, 2012 Hobbyist Artist I think I have most of these right: 1. Classic (Amazing Fantasy #15) 2. Six Arm (Amazing Spider-Man #100) 3. Fantastic Five (What If? #1) 4. Spider-Lizard (Spectacular Spider-Man #39) 5. Entertainer (What if? #19) 6. Alien Costume (Secret Wars #8) 7. Bombastic Bagman (Amazing Spider-Man #258) 8. Spider-Ham (Marvel Tails #1) 9. Cosmic (Spectacular Spider-Man #158) 10. Spider-Hulk (Web of Spider-Man #69) 11. Cyborg-Spider (Spider-Man #21) 12. 2099 (Amazing Spider-Man #365) 13. Phoenix Force (Spider-Man #25) 14. Blood Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #367) 15. Armored (Web of Spider-Man #100) 16. Ninja/Bandaged (Spectacular Spider-Man #213) 17. Octo-Spider (Funeral for an Octopus #2) 18. Civilian/Black (Spider-Man #58) 19. 2211 (Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man #1) 20. Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-Man #118) 21. Cybernetic Scarlet (Web of Scarlet Spider #3) 22. Spider-Ben (Sensational Spider-Man #0) 23. Spider-Carnage (Amazing Spider-Man #410) 24. Spider-Boy (Spider-Boy #1) 25. Insulated (Amazing Spider-Man #425) 26. Negative Zone (Spider-Man #90) 27. Dusk (Spider-Man #91) 28. Prodigy (Spectacular Spider-Man #257) 29. Hornet (Sensational Spider-Man #27) 30. Ricochet (Amazing Spider-Man #434) 31. Spiders Man (Earth X #3) 32. Spider-Man Unlimited (Webspinners #13) 33. Modern 34. Spider-Clan (Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man #1) 35. Vigilante (Amazing Spider-Man #499) 36. 1602 (Marvel 1602 #1) 37. Secret War (Secret War #1) 38. Spider-Man India (Spider-Man India #1) 39. House of M (House of M #1) 40. Zombie (Marvel Zombies #1) 41. Iron Spider (Amazing Spider-Man #529) 42. Disassembled (Spectacular Spider-Man #18) 43. Noir (Spider-Man Noir #1) 44. Future Foundation (FF #1) 45. Stealth (Amazing Spider-Man #650) 46. Tron (Amazing Spider-Man #651 [cover only]) 47. Bullet Proof (Amazing Spider-Man #656) 48. Ultimate Spider-Man (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1) 49. Ends of The Earth (Amazing Spider-Man #682) 50. Classic/Modern ~66lightning Aug 24, 2012 Professional Artist Wow! I am impressed and humbled. I never expected anyone to recognize and place every single costume here (with one exception (and it's a nitpicky one) -- #33 is intended to be Ultimate Spider-man. Of course, it's virtually indistinguishable from the modern costume).

  2. Big Al

    @#15 if you look towards the top right hand corner he's inbetween Mangaverse Spidey and Spider-Man 1602

  3. Superspidey

    @10 Yeah it was. Marvel needs people to forget things so they can add in extra bits of continuity

  4. Big Al

    @#11 Thank you. Yes I know of the Joe Wade (not Waid, I was a moron with the spelling) Scarlet Spider. I'm not proud of that because his stories were aweful

  5. Matthew

    @ #1 Wow. My compliments! I know there were at least a dozen I couldn't get off the top of my head. The spot that really impressed me was "Joe Waid Scarlet Spider." I was sure that you were referring to the Reilly Scarlet Spider. I had to go back and forth thinking "What are you talking about? That's Reilly's outfit." I had no idea you were talking about the one that looked like a monster above the Reilly Scarlet Spider, then I got it ("Oh! The one controlled by Doc Ock II").

  6. Big Al

    @#8 Oh yeah, wasn't that like a Bendis event? Is it just me or does a lot of the Marvel universe invovle people frogetting stuff recently?

  7. Superspidey

    It was a mini where Nick Fury recruited heroes for a secret mission to stop high-tech terrorist attacks, and then brainwashed the heroes to forget about it.

  8. Superspidey

    ITS SECRET WAR SPIDER-MAN. I only had to flip through a few hundred comics to find it...

  9. Big Al

    Off the top of my head and going from the back of the line to the front: Ditko/Romita regular Spider-Man? Six Arm Spider-Man from ASM #100 Spider-Man from What If #1 I think where he joined the Fantastic Four Spider-Lizard from Mantlo’s Spectacular run I think Is that Caped character Betty Brant from that What if where she got powers? Symbiote Spider-Man The Amazing Bag Man Spider-Ham Captain Universe Spider-Hulk from Conway’s Web run I don’t know the official name but it’s Spider-Man with Deathlok’s technology from Revenge of the Sinister Six (Larsen’s No Adjective run) Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Phoenix (he met Excalibur at one point) I don’t know his name but he was in the arc immediately after the Robot parents showed up when Spider-Man tried to find the Red Skull Spider-Armour from Web #100 No idea, but it looks like Spider-Man from Revenge of the Sinsiter Six, pre-metal arm Spider-Ock from Funeral for an Octopus Quick Change Spider-Man from Mark of Kaine Spider-Man 2211 Scarlet Spider Dear lord, the Joe Waid Scarlet Spider (but no Kaine for some reason?) Spider-Ben Spider-Carnage from Web of Carnage Spider-Boy from the Amalgam Universe No idea but I think it’s one of Spider-Man’s rubber suits he created to fight Electro Negative Zone Spider-Man from Mackie’s run on Peter Parker Spider-Man before the Reboot (he fought Blastaar and got he Dusk costume) Dusk Prodigy Horbet Richochet Spiders-Man from Earth X? Spider-Man Unlimited Erm...standard, though kind of Bagley -esque Spider-Man (maybe Marvel adventures or Ultimate universe)? Mangaverse Spider-Man Future Spider-Man from ASM #500 No idea but he looks to be wearing old fashioned English clothes so maybe he’s from a werid Marvel Shakespeare I don’t know about or otherwise from Marvel 1600s (I forget the date of that imprint) No idea in Hell. As a shot in the dark is it the suit he designed to fight the Urich Hobgoblin which protected his ears? Spider-Man India Spider-Man House of M (yuk) Zombie Spider-Man Iron Spider-Man from Civil War Man-Spider Spider-Man Noir Future Foundation Spider-Man Stealth Suit Spider-Man from Big Time I believe Tron suit variant Spider-Man Spider-Armour 2.0 fromt he first Massacre storyline Miles Morales Ends of the Earth Armour Spider-Man Ermm...another regular Spider-Man (maybe Ultimate or Marvel Adventures?) How did I do?

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