Venom Short Film

Check out this short film focusing on Eddie Brock and Venom. It’s got Daily Bugles and even actor Ryan Kwanten who plays Jason Stackhouse in True Blood playing Brock. It’s surprisingly cool for Spidey fans.

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  1. Big Al

    Does anyone think that when Eddie went to visit his 'ladyfriend' who was a friend of his colleague he went to terrorise Mary Jane from the start of ASM #300?

  2. Mycroftian

    @pickwickI think the subject matter was pretty obvious, if you'd heard about the project beforehand. Even if you hadn't, being posted on a Spider-Man site and Eddie being labeled as "Eddie B." right in the beginning of the movie should have been something of a giveaway in any case. There's definitely a build-up to Venom's debut, but I think it's quite enjoyable regardless of how much you know going in.

  3. pickwick

    Bitching? How many people freak out on the message board if someone spoils the latest issue before they read it? I make a similar, valid point about this film-- a film whose purpose seems at least partially to slowly reveal its subject-- and I'm bitching? This is how you make people feel welcome for offering constrictive and vallid criticism? Sheesh. And I thought, maybe just once, someone on the internet would be all like, "You know, you're right. My bad."

  4. Mycroftian

    There are a few interviews up about it. I forget exactly where they are, but some of the highlights (and links to full versions) are posted over at

  5. pickwick

    I do! But seriously, though clues are dropped a long the way, I can see how the reveal would have been cooler if the post had just said "Spider-Man related awesomeness within. Check it out!"

  6. Dr. Pooper

    Ace!! A million times better than Spider-Man 3. This is the Eddie Brock from the comics that I love. Also dig the late 80s setting of the whole piece as well as all of the comic book references. Just felt like it was a real labor of love. :D

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