Rejected Spider-Man 3 Movie suit


Do you like this version of the black suit that could of been used in Spider-Man 3? Director Sam Raimi, who is in the right of the picture here, allegedly didn’t like the all black look and wanted black webbing, which we eventually got in the final film.  

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  2. Scarlet Spider

    @17 - Sony decided to go with a rubbish version of the suit, that's what happened. You take care now!! ;)

  3. Anon

    yea raimi wanted this version. Sony thought spiderman looked like a guy dressed in black spandex in a porno. that is the reason why they did not do this version

  4. Ninjak

    I still can't believe that I was actually very excited when I found out that Sam Rami was going to be directing the original Spider-Man movies. I thought he was someone who was into comics and would really do a faithful Spider-Man adaptaion. Then after 3 movies featuring organic web-shooters, Power Ranger Green Goblin, MJ being captured by every super villain in NYC , bitter old Aunt May, Sandman shooting Uncle Ben (wha???), and a dancing, singing, emo Peter Parker, I was left scratching my head and wondering why I was ever excited about Sam Rami directing Spider-Man. Now that I see the awesome looking black suit costume that could have (and should have) been and I realize this man actually had very little clue as to what Spider-Man is all about, and how to please his fans.

  5. tnr105

    I prefer the design, but the texture looks almost...rubbery. The symbiote costume should be sleek; yes, but this kind of looks like the same material they used on the Schumacher Batman costumes.

  6. SpiderboyN2Jesus

    Aw man! Are you kidding me! WTH? That suit is perfect! I'd have even been ok with the spider Raimi is holding even though it's not the one that goes with that suit. I was a bit disappointing when I saw what we got in the film, but seeing this is a kick to the crotch. I didn't mind the movie suit all that much, but knowing they had pretty much completed a suit that looks the way the symbiote suit should... XD... I always got the impression from the art in the comics and the 90's cartoon that the symbiote suit was very slick and shiny. And to me this suit just looks good anyway. Aaah, Raimi, I know you didn't want to do this and Venom, but why? Why did you reject this suit? And I agree with DadaHyena, I like the way they did the Black Suit in the Spec Spidey cartoon. Even with the webs it looked better than what in the movie. Which, again, wasn't downright terrible, but pretty disappointing--discounting the existence of this suit o_O. As for how it would look in CG, I would tend to think that a shiny all black suit would be easier to animated that a red and blue suit with raised black webs and a textured fabric. With the black all they'd have to do would be to add white (or other colors depending on the location) to make it pop and look 3D and not flat. And they could have made it look flat and simply black in some shot just to see him creeping and blending into the shadows.

  7. DadaHyena

    It might have been interesting to see this. I always liked how the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series had a progressively changing look to Spidey in the black suit, starting with the web patterns and gradually going to the slick black version.

  8. Extreme Spider

    What is it with Rami and the webbing pattern? It didn't bug me as much the first two movies and in the Red and Blue parts of 3 but on the black it just didn't mix for me. Especially since Venom had it.

  9. Maddie

    What youre forgetting is this is just a photo. It might have looked craptastic on film and with the cgi effects. It might have just looked like a black figure and not as cool as the comic. It does have a very batman rubber suit look to it.

  10. Big Al

    Why does Spider-Man 3 find new ways to disappoint me, even years after it was released? I didn't dislike the movie suit but...God does this look better

  11. Tyson

    Even though I thought what we got was interesting in the movie universe, I will always prefer comic accurate stuff, and I would have loved to see that suit on screen.

  12. AndrewC

    Bad judgement on Raimi's part. This suit looks awesome and is faithful to the comics. Using this suit wouldn't have saved the mess that was SM3, but it would've made it somewhat more enjoyable.

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