Superior Spider-Man Team-up #2, Scarlet Spider #20 and Infinity #1 Vidcast Review

I tackle the Sibling Rivalry crossover for Superior and Scarlet Spider, two series that were on fire this week. I also take time to talk about Infinity #1 by Jonathan Hickman.

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  1. Lockdown

    Thanks FF. I get told to slow down but when I do I get told to append it up. I do the reviews at my normal talking speed.

  2. fantasyfreak

    I´m amazed at how you manage to review three issues in 4 and a half minutes. Good job :) I was worried first when it changed to Superior Team-Up but it seems like Yost kept the quality he had on Avenging.

  3. Lockdown

    #5 no, I've been told I look like Jerry Seinfeld and Matt Long if he gained 25 lbs. Of course I'm taller than both of them.

  4. Zer0

    I'm pretty sure Kaine doesn't know, else he wouldn't get as depressed once SpOck casually dismisses him as a monster. And I do like the touch that despite repeatedly telling himself that he isn't Doctor Octopus anymore, SpOck is still motivated entirely by petty vengeance.

  5. tbenitez

    Registered just to say I like these video reviews, anyone ever tell you you look like Rick Hoffman?

  6. Nick MB

    In two minds about Sibling Rivalry. As a clone saga fan, I enjoyed the references, and the opening part with the two Spider-Men confronting each other was exactly what we're after from this crossover, but the second part kinda just descended into shouting and set-up for future stories. I guess considering nothing "important" to the overall Superior arc can really happen in the satellite title, all Yost can really do is have them exchange terse dialogue and focus on the implications for Scarlet Spider. Nice art, though a bit stiff in part 2. Also, is it me or should the covers from the two issues really have been the other way round?

  7. Lockdown

    Your welcome. No, Kaine thinks since Doc Ock's "death" he went hard on crime like him. I like both Kaines and yes, Yost said this was his prelude to Spidercide.

  8. Big Al

    First of all, great review. Second of all I have two questions. 1) Does Kaine actually know by the end of the story that the Superior Spider-Man is NOT Peter? I like that Kaine is contrasting EVERY other character in the marvel universe by not being a moron about this but if he’s figured al this out I dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Technically there are other characters who should know as well cos they’ve known Pete longer, but then again Kaine IS Peter. 2) As a Spider-Girl fan how do you feel this new modern Kaine stacks up against the character in the MC2 universe? Third of all, this sounds like an awesome crossover, especially for Clone Saga fans Fourth of all...a new...S-s-spidercide.....oh.....oh dear lord....OH DEAR GOD NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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