Live Podcast Call in This Sunday

phonespideyThis Sunday at noon central time we will be celebrating 15  years of the Crawlspace with a live call in edition of our podcast. It’s your chance to be on the air with the gang and ask us a question. Here’s how you do it. 

1) Download Skype and add the handle “webheadspidey” that’s my id. 
2) I’ll then add you in the “Green room” which is a chat room where you’ll  hang out with the other callers as we take you one at a time. Please be patient. 
3) Don’t im-me during the show that affects the recording process. 
4) This will replace the message board section of the show, so have your questions ready and feel free to aim them at the panelists. This month we’ll have BD, JR, Bertone, Don and Chris. 

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  1. hornacek

    This was great - a big thrill for a first time caller. Can't wait to hear my voice on this podcast.

  2. BD - Post author

    Log into Skype at noon and I'll add you to the room. THen wait until you hear a ringing and then you'll be on with the panel.

  3. Big Al

    I am seriously sorry to sound so dim, but I've never done this before. So I just found your ID on skype sent you a request to add you as a contact what exactly? Do I just like get into Skype at 12 central and I'm in the green room?

  4. Big Al

    Er, I'm from the UK so do you have any idea what time this will be happening here? Also, I apologize if this sounds petty but, considering this would be an overseas call would this cost a lot of money?

  5. Nick

    Thanks BD i loved your podcast since the first ep years and thanks for this great site and thanks to all panelists even the formers

  6. BD

    Dont hate the fam, if it helps hornacek I can make you the first caller so you don't have to wait.

  7. hornacek

    Argh! I've been waiting for the call-in show for months and now it's scheduled on a day when I have the family coming over for a birthday gathering. This makes me hate my family. :(

  8. Lockdown

    I hope to make it but we'll see. Sundays at noon are always a weird time for me. I'm either out doing honey dos or Tyler is going down for a nap. Hopefully, I'll make it.

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