Slott Gets New Title, Gage has Spock Meet Flash Venom

Superior-Spider-Man-22Newsarama has an interview with writer Christos Gage. In the interview we learn that Dan Slott is working on a second title that hasn’t been announced yet. We also learn that he will be co-writing Superior Spider-Man #22 which begins the “Darkest Hour” storyline. It will examine if the symbiote remembers Peter Parker as it’s host.

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  1. spiderfreak

    @#7 A symbiote bound to Doc Ock..... that makes me think of the time when Carnage bound to Ock in the video game

  2. Xellos

    #9 - Has the Chameleon ever done this? "Transformed" into all of the Sinister Six members to fight Spidey? I'd read that.

  3. Sbee

    @7 I'm with you all the way but don't forget vultures wings or lizards tail we need all of the sinister six represented in one person to show just how superior spider-faux can be. I'm sure slott has already got 50 ideas balled up on his floor how to turn spider-fraud to a walking sinister six.

  4. hornacek

    @5 - As long as Slott isn't writing it. After the unevenness of Big Time and now Superior I no longer have any faith in him to properly write the character of Peter Parker.

  5. Tom Winstone

    My first thought was that Silver Surfer title Slott hinted at years ago, or a Venom/2099/Scarlet Spider-man mini to launch a new team-up book. The idea of a new Peter on going through is now my preference

  6. hornacek

    "Dan Slott told us back in July that this arc also promises to feature cult favorite medical robin hood Cardiac." I hope the panel refers to Cardiac in future recaps as "Medical Robin Hood".

  7. Enigma_2099

    Yes. YES. Give Ock his OWN book away from the Spider-Man title. Bring Peter back already. And write him like you have some sense.

  8. Old Guy

    Ock already has his own on-going. The new one would be "The Amazing Spider-Man" with Peter. Lord only knows if they are going to try for any semblance of continuity (or where the continuity might start from.)

  9. Jack

    I'm going to predict that Ock is getting his own on-going, to coincide when Peter returns in time for the movie.

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