Gerry Conway Panel at SDCC 2013

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  1. hornacek

    I bookmarked this back in September and forgot about it, just watched it now. Great to hear from Conway, who had two separate and memorable Spidey runs. Amazing to think that during his second run he was writing Web and Spec at the same time and didn't have a Mackie-style burnout."If I Kill Me, Do I Die?" - that is a very Stan-ish title.Josh: that guy sits down next to you in the last 15 minutes and keeps rustling in his plastic bag, I was thinking "what is he doing, eating his lunch?" Then a few minutes later his sandwich enters the frame - oh my. Security would be kicking me out of these conventions because I'd be elbowing these guys saying "This is Gerry Conway, show some respect, wait 30 minutes until this is over before you shove food in your face!"

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