Podcast 248- Superior Spider-Man 16 and 17 Review

Podcast248Sept2013picHighlights of the episode include:
*Reviews of Superior Spider-Man # 16 and #17.
*Thoughts on Liz Allan’s return
*Discussion on Spider-Man 2099’s return
*Was Robbie Robertson out of character in the recent issues?
*Ethics of firing Norah Winters
* Crawlspace ranks high on Itune downloads
*Itune reviews


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  1. Beto.UY

    Great review guys! Agree that these issues were improving the quality of the last few stories and that Stegman's art, especially when drawing Spidey 2099 was the best! Like everyone else I'm waiting to see if that's Norman and I reaaaally hope it is because if its not it would be a major let down. On a side note, did anyone else notice a little art mistake on the panel where Max's been taken away by the FBI where he talks to SpOck and the latter has a Lizard tee instead of one of the Spiders??? I believe that wasn't supposed to be PP and it was a dialogue mistake. If you see the previous panel where PP asks "What is this?!" he's on the left of Max and then suddenly he's on the right side and with another shirt. Keep up the amazingness! (or the superiorness if you will)

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