Podcast 249-Scarlet & Venom Canceled, Man Sells ASM1 for Wedding, Amazing Returns

Podcast249Sept2013picTopics discussed on this episode include:
*Scarlet Spider and Venom both being canceled
*A man sells his Amazing Spider-Man #1 comic to pay for the catering for his daughters wedding.
*Amazing Spider-Man returns for #700.1 to .5
*A tell all book is being written about the Spider-Man musical
* Wolverine almost made a cameo in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 1
*More Sinister Six talk in the Amazing Spider-Man #2.
*Dan Slott is writing a second title? 


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  1. Eddie deAngelini

    Great show as usual, but I'm beginning to think that J.R. was born a grumpy old man! Jeez!!! 50 is not old by today's standards, especially if you're taking care of yourself. I'm not that far off from you, J.R., but I sure as hell don't feel it! However, I too need to figure out what I plan to do with my collection upon my demise.

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